Winter Menu 2018-2019

SANDWICHES $7.69 ea.

Thyme Grilled Chicken/ mushroom/ caramelized onion/ Havarti
Turkey Pesto/ cheddar/ tomato / spring mix on Sourdough
Turkey/smoked Gouda/honey mustard/walnut raisin bread
Roast beef/mozzarella/marinated tomatoes/grilled onions on a rustic hero
Bruschetta Chicken Salad Wrap/ capers/ tomatoes/red onion/red wine vinaigrette
Brie-Roasted Apple Chutney/ bacon on walnut raisin bread
IQ Egg Salad/ cucumber/ romaine chiffonade on a seven-grain roll
Grilled Zucchini/artichoke spread/ roasted tomato on rustic roll
Roasted portobello/grilled onions/sun dried tomato pesto/ spinach in a wrap – (VEGAN)
Lemon Chickpea Salad wrap/ parsley/red pepper/ tahini (VEGAN)
Moroccan hummus/crunchy broccoli slaw on a pita – (VEGAN)    

SALADS $3.65 pp.
Greek Kale Salad/ feta/ cucumber/ creamy Greek dressing  – GF (vegan w/o cheese)  Spinach and Pomegranate Salad/walnuts/lemon dressing  – vegan and GF
ArugulaSalad/ shaved beets/goat cheese/champagne vinaigrette GF – vegan w/o cheese
Farro & Quinoa/ Brussel sprouts/feta/mint/almonds/ lemon
Spinach & Pumpkin Seeds/ red cabbage/ golden raisins/ Gorgonzola – GF and vegan w/o cheese

SOUP $4.00 pp.
Moroccan Lentil/ quinoa/ kale/ tomatoes/ spices
Creamy Tomato / croutons  – (VEGAN)
Chicken and Rice/ carrots/ celery/ cabbage
Mushroom & Farro    

Cider Braised Chicken /Roasted apples/ rosemary $9.99pp.
Chicken Provençal/ Roasted tomatoes/ garlic and herbs $9.99pp.
Seared Salmon Tikka/ spiced chickpeas/Quinoa/ spinach $12.95pp.

SIDES $3.99 pp.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with almonds
Maple roasted butternut squash
Masala roasted carrots and cauliflower


These items will be available along with winter menu from November 1-30th.

Minimum order 15 people.

SANDWICHES $7.69 ea.

Gobble-Gobble house roasted turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, Havarti
Beef Pastrami, cheddar, horseradish, pickles
Mushroom grilled tofu-shitaki, spinach, spicy tahini

Braised Chicken with roasted apples/ butternut squash and sage $12.99p.p.
IQ Meatloaf with caramelized onions $9.99pp.
Baked Polenta with wild mushrooms, thyme and Parmesan $11.99pp.

SIDES $3.99 pp.
Sautéed Green Beans with fresh tomato and garlic chips
*Basmati Rice with spiced chickpeas, dried fruit and cashews *$4.99pp.