Fall Menu 2018

IQuisine’s Fall Menu is offered September through December.

SANDWICHES $7.69 ea.

Coriander Chicken / avocado cream / grilled onions
Moroccan Chicken / apricot yogurt / lettuce
Masala Chicken Salad / walnuts / currants / spring mix
Turkey Rueben/ spicy slaw / Swiss cheese / IQ Russian dressing
Roast Beef / grilled red onions / red pepper relish / blue cheese spread
Seared Pepper Steak / chimichurri / caramelized onion / field greens (2.00 extra)
Smoked Salmon / herbed goat cheese / picked onions / watercress
Brie, Fig and Bacon, grilled onion
Tuna & Grainy Mustard / lemon, dill, tomato and lettuce
Fish Filet / lemon aioli / cilantro slaw
Parma ham / Roasted red pepper / olive tapenade / arugula / evoo
Wasabi Tuna / wasabi mayo / pickled cucumber /sesame seeds / arugula (2.00 extra)
Grilled Summer vegetables /pesto ricotta /sun dried tomato / arugula
Roasted Portobello / Roasted red pepper / grilled red onion / smashed avocado
Spiced Cauliflower / hummus /lemon tahini / kale

SOUPS $4.00pp Minimum Order – 15
(all soups are gluten free and can be vegan)

Split Pea / garlic croutons
Wild Mushroom and Farro
Curry Red Lentil

Cabbage, Apple, Kale / lemon / red onion / cedar vinaigrette
Kale and Pear Salad / spiced walnuts/blue cheese
Tabouleh Salad / mint / cucumber / tomato / parsley / feta
Fall Kale Salad / apples / pumpkin seeds / red onion
Mini Penne / Roasted broccoli / spiced chick peas
Field Greens / seasonal fruit / goat cheese


Miso Grilled Salmon — served on a bed of Asian cabbage slaw, sugar snaps, radishes(Room temp)
Spanish Seared Salmon — Saffron white wine sauce, spiced chick peas, potatoes and spinach

Roasted chicken with apples and root vegetables
Braised Lemon Chicken with rosemary and roasted sweet potatoes, lemon jus
Braised Thai Style Curry Chicken with coconut milk

Sandwich à la carte – $7.69*
Value combination – sandwich, side salad and cookie – $12.50*
Classic combination – sandwich, side salad and dessert platter or fruit salad – $13.50*
Premium combination – sandwich, 2 side salads (one green and one grain or starch) and dessert platter or fruit salad – $15.50*

*Please note the up charge on some of the items.
Please see the “IQ Salads” and the “IQ Desserts and Drinks” pages for combination choices.