IQuisine’s Fall Menu is offered through October, November and December.

SOUPS $4.00 pp
(all gluten free, can be made vegan upon request)
Basil tomato soup, croutons on side
Butternut squash, Beluga lentils and kale
Pumpkin Chipotle with pumpkin seeds
Black bean, red pepper, corn, lime

SANDWICHES $7.69 ea.
Thyme grilled chicken, mushrooms and goat cheese
Chermoula grilled chicken, roasted red pepper, apricot yogurt
Pesto chicken, mozzarella, sundried tomatoes
Roast Beef, horseradish, blue cheese, grilled onions
Turkey, roasted apple, Munster, cider mayo
Turkey, pumpkin mayo, Brie, pretzel croissants
Turkey, Granny smith, mustard, cheddar
Brie, fig jam, bacon and grilled onions
Cobb egg salad, bacon, blue cheese, tomato
Tuna, red apple, cranberries, sunflower seeds
Herbed goat cheese, grilled zucchini, roasted tomatoes,
Smoked paprika hummus, roasted brussel sprouts, cranberries (v)
Parsnip hummus, roasted grapes, hazelnuts (v)
Grilled tofu, salsa verde, roasted red peppers (v)
Roasted mushrooms, white bean spread and kale (v)
BBQ black bean burger(v)

SALADS $3.65 pp
(All salads can be vegan upon request)
Israeli couscous with dried nuts, fruits, spinach (vegan)
Barley with pomegranate molasses, feta, kale, walnuts
Pasta & roasted shredded Brussels’ sprouts, almonds, currants
Spinach, pecans, blue cheese, cranberries
Spring Mix, frisee, tomatoes, goat cheese
Fall kale & apples, golden raisins, pickled onions, pumpkin seeds, honey mustard

Braised chicken in red wine vinegar, thyme and cream
Roasted chicken with apples and root vegetables
Pan roasted chicken with chickpeas and harissa
Turkish Pomegranate chicken with walnuts

Cumin and fennel-rubbed salmon over fennel and parsley
Seared salmon with mustard and wine sauce, baby spinach

Butternut squash lasagna with spinach
Lentil and butternut squash with spinach and roasted tofu confetti

SIDES $3.99 pp
Mashed potatoes with roasted mushrooms or roasted cauliflower
Assorted roasted vegetables to compliment your entrée …

DESSERTS $4.50 pp
Pumpkin tiramisu cup with brownies
Apple galettes

Sandwiches $ 7.69
House Roasted Turkey-sweet potato, Cranberry sauce, Havarti
Roasted tofu-sweet potato, cranberry sauce Havarti (can be vegan)

Salad $3.65 pp
Spring mix with pomegranates, cranberries, oranges, almonds

Sandwich à la carte – $7.69*
Value combination – sandwich, side salad and cookie – $12.50*
Classic combination – sandwich, side salad and dessert platter or fruit salad – $13.50*
Premium combination – sandwich, 2 side salads (one green and one grain or starch) and dessert platter or fruit salad – $15.50*

*Please note the up charge on some of the items.
Please see the “IQ Salads” and the “IQ Desserts and Drinks” pages for combination choices.

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