This menu is current from April 1 onwards.
Minimum order: 15 people


$4.00 per cup; minimum 15 cups per soup
Red Lentil Soup with lime
Southwestern Corn and sweet potato
Ginger Pea with coconut


(Upon request, gf and substitutions available)

Dijon & Granny Smith Chicken Salad – Gorgonzola crumbs, scallions
Tamarind Grilled Chicken – mint yogurt, iceberg, cilantro
Chermoula Chicken – roasted red peppers, raisins and green olive
Souvlaki Chicken – cucumbers, Tzatziki, tomatoes
Sliced Buffalo Chicken - smoky mayo, Fontina cheese, tomatoes
Caesar-grilled Chicken – Bacon, cheddar, tomatoes and lettuce
Turkey & Peach Chutney – Chipotle Gouda, red leaf
Lemon Turkey Wrap – jalapeno, cheddar, sprouts, tomatoes
Caprese Roast Beef – sundried tomatoes, herbed mozzarella, arugula
Roast Beef & Wasabi Slaw – Cheddar, red leaf
Tuna & Black Grapes – red onions, celery and herbs
Paris Tuna - olives, eggs, mustard, herbs
Hummus Wrap - spring mix, caramelized red onion, roasted red pepper, vegan cayenne cheese, sprouts (v)
Black Bean Hummus - Harissa carrots, feta, raisins (can be vegan)
Focaccia & Eggplants - marinated feta, red pepper hummus, arugula
Toasted Mozzarella & Pesto - roasted red peppers, tomatoes
BBQ Black Bean Burger – brown rice, walnuts, coleslaw (vegan )
Cheddar & Apple – pickled onion, apricot on petit ficelle

SALADS $3.65 pp (most salads can be vegan)
Sicilian Ditalini- pine nuts, capers, basil, tomatoes, currants, Parmesan
Vegan Caesar Shells – red peppers, herbs, almonds, relish, spinach (v)
BLT Orecchiette – bacon, tomatoes, avocado dressing
Farro & Chickpeas – cucumbers, tomatoes, mint and tahini
Potato & Parsley Pesto – radishes, peas, dill
Asian Cabbage & Kale Slaw – carrots, scallions, lime, cilantro
Greek Slaw - green peppers and feta
Spinach & Honey Chickpeas – feta, pickled onion
Spring mix and Granny Smith – cranberries, pumpkin seeds, Gorgonzola

Sweet Kale & Cantaloupe – pickled onions, sunflower seeds, feta
Spinach & Strawberries – almonds, goat cheese
Couscous & Corn – black beans, red peppers, lime, tomatoes (v)
Watermelon & cucumbers – mint, feta, red onions

Sandwich à la carte – $7.69*
Value combination – sandwich, side salad and cookie – $12.50*
Classic combination – sandwich, side salad and dessert platter or fruit salad – $13.50*
Soup, sandwich, salad – $13.85
Premium combination – sandwich, 2 side salads (one green and one grain or starch) and dessert platter or fruit salad – $15.50*

*Please note the up charge on some of the items.
Please see the “IQ Salads” and the “IQ Desserts and Drinks” pages for combination choices.

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