IQuisine Hors d’Oeuvres

Appetizers only — $18 – $35 pp
Appetizers plus dinners—$29–$48 pp
Buffet dinners—$24 – $40 pp
Staffing and rentals available | minimum order for parties: 25 people
We will be glad to help you develop menus to remain within your budget.

Served warm, in chafers
Spanish chicken skewers – saffron aioli
Moroccan chicken skewers with orange-cilantro dip
Turkish meatballs—pomegranate sauce
Asian turkey meatballs – scallion, sesame seeds
Polenta cakes—assorted toppings
Mini empanadas, chicken or vegetarian

Served at room temperature
Cocktail brioche with steak and creamy pistachio
Parker rolls with steak, parsnip cream and roasted mushrooms
Beef tenderloin crostini – red pepper relish and crumbled goat cheese
Charcuterie board (gf ) – focaccia fingers
Herbed grilled shrimp with lime-cilantro dip (gf)
Premium cheese board with fruit, glazed nuts (gf )
Brie dip and cranberry – walnut raisin crostini
Baked goat cheese with grape tomatoes, baguette
Phyllo cups with honey goat cheese and pomegranates
Smoked salmon on baby pumpernickel with lemon-caper sauce
Seared tuna on cucumber—chipotle mayo, red pepper relish (gf)
Crudités – feta-mint dip & hummus
Endive leaves – marinated beets (vegan gf)
Mushroom pecan pate with toasted baguette (v, including gf )
Hors d’oeuvres focaccia –
– Apple and grilled onions (vegan)
– Brie, mozzarella, Parmesan, herbs and grape tomatoes

Braised chicken, roasted garlic and lemon, fried capers
Braised chicken in an orange sauce – roasted parsnips
Chicken in a mushroom sauce, red wine and thyme
Beef tenderloin platter – remoulade sauce or pistachio pesto
Beef bourguignon—roasted root vegetables
Seared salmon with coconut sauce, roasted tomatoes and basil
Brown sugar seared salmon – mustard sauce and baby spinach
Butternut squash lasagne
Root vegetable gratin
Baked farro with root vegetables (can be vegan)
Vegetarian Shepherds pie – lentils, mushrooms, parsnips (can be vegan )
Creamy baked polenta with mushrooms
Crisp spiced Brussels’ sprouts with cranberries
Green beans, shallots, almonds
Mashed potatoes—roasted garlic and herbs
Assorted roasted root vegetables
Roasted asparagus with almonds
Mixed greens—fennel, oranges, pomegranates…
Arugula, radicchio, endive salad, grape tomatoes
Shredded brussel’s sprouts, cranberries, pears, gorgonzola, pecans


Panettone bread pudding—bourbon cream
Eggnog brownie tiramisu mini-cups
Mini cup with Cointreau mascarpone and sugared cranberry
Port-poached pears and cream
Chocolate truffles
Chocolate covered strawberries and apricots
Mini brownies
Cranberry and frangipane tartlets
Almond cranberry financiers
Roasted pears with lemon cream and candied pinenuts

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