IQuisine Hors d’Oeuvres for Fall 2017

Minimum order is for 20 people.
Food may be dropped off or offered with staffing.
We’ll gladly assist with selections if you’d like us to!

Priced per serving, minimum 15 servings of each item.
Guacamole, black bean hummus, watermelon salsa and chips $5.00
Hummus and Baba Ganoush, marinated olives, lentil salad and pita $3.50
Crudites platter – hummus, blue cheese or whipped mint feta $3.00
Fruit platter $3.50
Cheese board with fresh fruits and dried fruits $5.00
Charcuterie and focaccia fingers $5.00
Marinated goat cheese with Castelvetrano olives and crostini $5.00
Masala crab dip with red pepper relish $5.00
Crab dip with pequillo peppers and saffron $5.00

Finger Foods
By the dozen, minimum 3 dozen each
Quichette with creamy gorgonzola and fig $22.00
Assorted vegetable focaccia squares $12.00
Mozzarella bocconcini with prosciutto, tomato and roasted red pepper $24.00
Pizza puffs with grape tomatoes, mozzarella and basil $22.00
Glazed puffs with apple, goat cheese and thyme $22.00

Greek chicken open-faced pita and tzatziki $22.00
Moroccan chicken skewers with mango yogurt dip $18.00
Beef crostini with horseradish and pickled onions $22.00
Beef crostini with green Goddess and goat cheese $22.00
Mini BLT brioche with shrimp and guacamole $22.00
Garlicky smoked shrimp, saffron aioli $30.00
Chili lime shrimp, lime cilantro dip $30.00
Spanish shrimp with romesco sauce $30.00
Seared tuna cups, scallions, avocado $30.00
Golden falafels and tahini $22.00
Polenta fries with pesto aioli $12.00
Polenta cakes with assorted toppings $22.00
Mini quesadillas with zucchini, feta and golden raisins $22.00
Mini lamb burgers with mint feta $22.00
Mini sliders with steak, caramelized onions, blue cheese $24.00

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