IQ Entrées


The indicated prices reflect lunch portions

$12.99 p.p. (unless Indicated otherwise)
Minimum Portion Size – 20

Herb and lemon chicken – grilled zucchini and feta
Orange thyme grilled chicken – seasonal salsa
Seared salmon Poke platter – sushi rice, avocado, sesame seeds ($2.00 extra)
Moroccan seared salmon – roasted chickpeas ($2.00 extra)
Black sesame salmon – wasabi sauce, cucumber relish ($2.00 extra)
Sliced Steak- marinated tomatoes, roasted red peppers, chimichurri sauce ($2.00 extra)
Roasted Salmon – with caper herbed vinaigrette and French lentils ($2.00 extra)


Spicy Tofu – with chili crisp, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, scallions, lime, cilantro, peanuts
Cauliflower Potato Chickpea Curry (VEGAN)
Roasted cauliflower & mixed lentils – dates, almonds, spices (VEGAN) and GF
Tandoori tofu – grilled peppers, tamarind sauce (VEGAN)


(Chafers included)

Seafood Entrées

Minimum Portion Size – 20

Spice Roasted Salmon – wilted spinach, mustard sauce
Herb Grilled Salmon – braised French Lentils
Greek Lemon Salmon – olives, wilted spinach, blistered grape tomatoes, shallot vinaigrette

Fowl Entrées

Minimum Portion Size – 20

Cider Braised Chicken – roasted apples, butternut squash
Rosemary Chicken – mushrooms, shallots, roasted grapes
Thyme Chicken – roasted carrots, brussel sprouts, white wine
Thyme Chicken with mushrooms – crème fraiche
Mustard and white wine chicken – shallots and herbs
Braised Moroccan chicken – apricots, spices, pistachio


Small tray (15 people) – $140, large tray (25 people) – $225

Roasted cauliflower lasagna – ricotta, spinach, Parmesan – VEGETARIAN
Spinach lasagna – roasted mushrooms, tomatoes, creamy ricotta – VEGETARIAN
Vegetarian Shepherd’s pie – lentils, mushrooms, carrots
Vegan Shepherd’s pie – lentils, mushrooms, carrots
Mezzi rigatoni Bolognese – slow cooked authentic beef sauce


$4.50 p.p.
Minimum Portion Size – 20

Herb roasted potatoes – fresh herbs, garlic
Parmesan crusted potato wedges – rosemary
Mashed potatoes – roasted garlic and herbs
Roasted or mashed sweet potatoes – spices and pumpkin seeds
Couscous & currants – aromatic chickpeas, almonds
Cilantro Basmati rice – lime zest, ginger, edamame
Basmati rice – cashews, spices, herbs, golden raisins
Assorted roasted or grilled vegetables – seasonal
Sugar snaps or green beans or asparagus – to compliment entree